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Photos taken at  work & play at
Hartley Outdoor Education Center
These photos will be changed from time to time. There isn't space to put them all so when you check back in on this page you may see some different photos  We hope you enjoy seeing some of our activity's 

And you may if you wish to copy or save a photo by just putting your cursor over the photo as it moves along  it will stop and then right click and save it as you wish.
These are photos of some of our chapter members going on a tour of Hartley's. Then they are hard at work painting the old house and the one room school, and the coal mine museum. Then doing a little resting in between times (we all needed that). Just plain enjoying it all.  
These photos above are of our president Duane Moore giving the Exec. Director of Ronald McDonald home in Lansing, Michigan and Florence Nezamis Board Chair. our donation check. Then each years donation check for $300.00 plus several bags of Scarves and hats for the children who attend their sessions made by many of the chapter members. Our donation was presented by chapter members Duane & Barb Moore representing our chapter to Hartley Outdoor Education Center's director Jim Blaschka and his Secretary Marty Guzy plus they are displaying some of our handy work made for the children. A photo of Harriet & Rod Romain, Duane Moore, Jim Blaschka and Marty Guzy with another donation to Hartley's. Recent photo of Hartley's receiving a check from the Chapter of out yearly donation along with many scarves and hats that were made for their use also. 
Also a couple of views outside the main building at Hartley's.
Here's a web page address where you can go to and learn more about the Hartley Outdoor Education Center mine. The web address right below is for the Hartley Outdoor Education Center #8 Coal Mine

The web address below is for the Hartley Outdoor Education Center

Hartley outdoor Education Center is on Facebook so 
please check it out, there is also some photos of our chapter on their facebook page.
Our Chapter's Charities Offerings
As a chapter we have had some different charities that we raise money's for. So far we have had three of them. They are Gilda's Club, Ronald McDonald House, and Hartley Outdoor Education Center. A few years ago it was decided to put more than just money into a charity so we asked and Hartley's were more than willing to give us the opportunity to help them out in other ways besides just giving them money that we raise through our raffles and such. We have a work weekend every Labor Day Weekend where we do things to help them out in many different ways. Such as doing repairs on things, making items for the children to use and have are just a few of those that we do.
More photos taken at  
Hartley Outdoor Education Center 
   These are photos of some of our chapter members at the Hartley Outdoor Education Center near St.Charles, Michigan. 
Photo's of Chapter 91's Happenings
ST. CHARLES, MI — A Civil War-era livery barn and blacksmith shop is now perched on a slab of concrete at Hartley Outdoor Education Center in St. Charles.

     Transit began about 9 a.m. Wednesday and the mammoth barn that spread across three lanes arrived at its destination about two miles later at noon.
     "Once we get the barn tied down, we'll start the renovations, and we hope to have it ready for the fall school year and tours during our open house in October," said Hartley Director Jim Blaschka. "As we renovate it we're going to take off the asphalt shingles and put on cedar and try to keep it as historically accurate as possible."
     It cost nearly $35,000 to pay at least four utility companies to clear wires Wednesday as the barn travelled slowly from its previous home on West Belle, through St. Charles where it stopped traffic in both directions on South Saginaw, to the Murphy Farm on the Hartley property.
     Laracey House Movers of Bay City hauled the 25-foot-by-37-foot, two-story barn.
     The barn captured historian Thomas Mudd's attention when he spotted its Greek revival architecture while at a social event in St. Charles greater than a year ago.
     Mudd began investigating the history of the barn and discovered that it had already been relocated once in its lifetime to a location adjacent to what became the Dorman Hotel.
     Blaschka described the transport as "smooth" and said all parties coordinated with each other well.
Consumers Energy employees work to move power lines so a pre-Civil War barn can be moved from the village of St. Charles to the Hartley Outdoor Education Center. The transportation is expected to costs nearly $35,000 and requires cooperation from multiple utility companies to maneuver the two-story, 25-foot-by-37-foot barn through town to Hartley Outdoor Education Center. The barn is expected to travel fewer than three miles is about seven hours. 

We hope you enjoy looking at the moving of the Pre-Civil War Barn from down town St.Charles to it's new home at the Murphy Farm as it travels along the some of the roads. It was quite a site indeed.

May 10-12,2013
Sagining Eagles Landing Casino

   These photos are of our group at the casino   camp   
  ground near Standish,MI  We all had a lot of fun, Not  
  exactly picnicking time. A little rainy and windy. Then 
  of course they do not have paved parking spaces for 
  campers yet, But it was a fun time. Some tried out the 
  casino, and were lucky others not so.  We had 4 rigs 
  attending. We couldn't eat outside so the motor 
  home was our gathering place for our meals. I must 
  say a big FUN was in place for the whole weekend. 
   If you are ever in the area it's a nice place to stop 
  over. They are still adding on to the casino, they tell 
  us much more to look forward to.

Belleview, Michigan Camping World
May 16 - 19, 2013
Grill Fest
   The photos above were taken at Belleview, Michigan at Camping World for their Grill Fest on May 16 thru19, 2013. This is a time when all of us who could attend really enjoy. We help out where we are needed by Camping World, we roast hot dogs that are given out to their customers along with a bag a chips an a pop. Everyone who comes up to receive their free treat really enjoy it and just are so full of life. We have been doing this for camping world in Belleview for the last few years. It is nice to form nice relationships with all the workers there also.
    We of course ate while there, We had sausage & gravy breakfast and another day pancakes, and also the all important left overs for breakfast. My self I think those are the best. Then of course our evening meals. We are a chapter that loves to eat and cook. Must say  we have some very good cooks in our group, both men and women.
    On Saturday afternoon every gathered around and did the Good Sam Annual Clean Up Day at Camping World as we have in the past. This year we ended up with 9 bags. Those that were in attendance were Duane & Barb Moore,Joe & Cheryl Halhober, Charlie & Liz Waters, Rod & Dolly Rodriguez, Bob & Corky Allen and Camping World Sambassadors Dick & Jean Valentine. This is a fun group of people I must say.

Hartley Outdoor Education Center 
Appreciation Breakfast 
10 June 2013
   Every year Hartley's puts on an appreciation breakfast for all of those who have done  different things to help around the center. We had eight members who made the trip to celebrate in this affair this year. It was very nice to be able to chat with those that we've grown to really like there.  And to see some of our members who have recently returned from their winter homes.
Hartley Outdoor Education Center
St.Charles, Michigan
October 1,2013
In the photo below pictured is our President Harriett Romain her husband Rodney, Hartley's new Director Eric Rutherford, Treasurer Barb Moore and her husband Duane.
Here the chapter is donating a check in the amount of $300.00 and two large bags filled with hats, mittens and scarves for the children who come out to Hartley Outdoor Education Center for their classes and such. Many of the children don't come prepared for our Michigan winters. So the hats, mittens and scarves are very much appreciated. The hats,mittens and scarves are made by the ladies of our chapter. A work of love.
 Labor Day Campout
St.Charles, MI
Aug 28th - Sept 2,2014

Our chapter has just completed our annual Labor Day Campout. It was held at the Moore's in St.Charles,MI. All those attending had a good time. We had two guest over the campout.  They were Mary Ann Prokop, Connie, We did have some hot weather but then it cooled off  with a little rain. So it was just right.  Most of the campers heady to their homes on Tuesday. It was an enjoyable time. The ladies made scarves for the children who come there, along with the mittens and hats that were made by some of the other ladies earlier. We enjoy doing all we can for Hartley's it is always a pleasure to do a variety of things that we can to help out. It is always nice to do things for others. When we do things to help them we do it because we want to and not because you feel obligated to so.  When things are done from the heart it is always so much more appreciated.

Hartley Outdoor Education Center
St.Charles, Michigan
October 4,2014

         In the photos to the left are some taken at the Fall Festival at Hartley's. We were there for their very good breakfast. 
         Pictured is our Treasurer Barb Moore, Secretary Lucille Garrett, Members Duane  Moore, Clay Garrett, Hartley's Director Eric Rutherford, and  Hartley's Secretary Marty Guzy receiving our donation. And a couple of surprise one's of Duane and the mascot  from the Midland Loons Baseball Team. He was enjoyed by every one there, and they also had a country band playing while breakfast was being served. Which was very nice, and they played older music that we all knew.
       Our chapter donated checks in the amount of $300.00 and three bags filled with Hats, Mittens and Scarves for the children who come out to Hartley Outdoor Education who are in need of such items in the winter time. These are all home made by the ladies of the chapter.
Camping World Good Sam Days
October 6,2014

The photo below is of Duane Moore & Joe Halhober in Camping World explaining Good Sams to the people who come into the store. Those also attending the Good Sam Days from the chapter were Charlie & Liz Waters and Barb Moore                        
Flint, Michigan
Sunday  Brunch
November 16,2014
Below is a few photos that were taken at the restaurant. Those pictured are Bob & Corky Allen, Harriett & Rod Romain, Gwenn & Harold Krueger, Marlene & Ron Roberts, Rod & Dolly Rodriguez, Duane & Barb Moore 

Labor Day week Campout at the Moore's in St.Charles,MI 
1st September thru the 8th,2015

The photos below are of our tours to the Polar Express Train (#1225) and the Curwood Castle both in Owosso,MI and some of the gatherings in St.Charles,MI  Also a photo of member Duane Moore and Hartley's Secretary Marty Guzzy receiving our donation of the check and the many mittens,hats and scarves made by the members for the children who need them.

Wallis' Resturant
November 8,2015
We had seven familes present for our brunch at Wallis'  Photo below