Update June 1,2018

        We have some of our chapter members and friends who are in need of your prayers. So if you'll please    
    add them and their families to your personal prayers and also in your prayer groups it would be greatly
    appreciated. As we all know those prayers do get answered.
        As many of you now know that many hospitals have a Website where you can send a email get well
    card to a patient there. So if you send in a prayer request for someone who is in the hospital and they
    have this option, please include the address with the request and it will be posted also. Thanks
        I have a prayer that I'd like to add here it definitely is non-denominational. But it is one that I think each 
    and everyone could find it useful in many ways. I hope you agree.

Dear GOD,
Thank you for this day and may you continue to be with us.

*Chapter Member Bob Allen June 1,2018
      Bob is home now and recouping very good  they removed a large tumor the doctor say he
      got all the cancer. Thanks to them for that. But please keep him in your prayers.
     Chapter Member Bob Allen  May 28,2018
     Bob is going to have surgery on his nose to remove a cancer growth Please keep him in your
     prayers and don't forget Corky his wife also.

* Good Sam members Cliff & Lucy Barns daughter Tami Clark Feb 7,2018
   Lucy sent this message on today, Well The news about our daughter Is not good. She has colon
  cancer. that is causing masses in her lower back . She is in radiation now and is being set up
  for a colonopsky soon. Then we will find out what is going to happen. She has been told she
  will never work again. The family is asking for warm thoughts and Prayers. God Bless all who
  cares Love the Tami Clark Family If you wish to send a card you may do so to Tami Clark 8385
  Elevere  Rd  Lachine,MI 49753  this is her parents address.

* Chapter Member Corky Allen Jan. 18,2018
       Just a message to add, Corky is still at Lourdes, and at this writing is unable to walk with
     out help, so please add her to your prayers if you haven't all ready. And keep Bob and the rest
     of the family in them also.
    * Chapter Member Corky Allen Jan. 5,2018
     Just a note to let you know that Corky is back into Lourdes, but is regaining strength, she is
     walking some again. Keep up the good work Corky.
      * Chapter Member Corky Allen Dec. 7,2017
      Corky has been moved to Lourdes Inc.  in Waterford,MI.  It is a Nursing Home for rehab. This
  is all a very good thing. There they will work with her to get her back to her old self again. The
  address is   Lourdes Nursing Home  2300 Watkins Lake Rd. Waterford, MI, 48328 if you wish to
  send her a card.
   * Chapter Member Corky Allen Dec. 2,2017
     Just finished talking to Bob and Corky's doctor has changed her medicine. And now the
      heart seems to be going regular. She seems to be much better today. They moved her to a
     different room. Prayers do such wonderful things don't they. Thank you all for your prayers.
  * Chapter Member Corky Allen Nov 29,2017
   Corky was taken to the hospital on  Tuesday Nov. 28,2017. She is in need of your prayers,
   They are running test to see what is going on. Please add her to your prayer list. Her address
    is below if you wish to send a card.

* Chapter 52 member Cliff Barns  April 22,2017
    Please keep Cliff and Lucy and their family in your prayers.
       Chapter 52 member Cliff Barns  Oct. 6,2017
    I am sorry to say But Cliff is losing his fight  with  his illness  . We  just got back from  the
   Doctor , She said  we need to call in Hospice. The doctor is taking care of getting them in.  I will
  keep you up dated as soon as I know any thing.  Thanks For the prayers  The Barnes

*    Update on Chapter member Gwenn Krueger February 8,2018
      Just talked to Gwenn and she is home now, she worked hard and was able to do all she had
       to and they released her today. Now for a few weeks of recuperating. Thanks for the prayers.
      *  Update on Chapter member Gwenn Krueger February 6,2018
     Gwenn's surgery went well, the doctor says he got it all. That is wonderful. She is still in
      the hospital and will be there for a few days. The normal follow up and to watch her. She
      sends her thanks to everyone for all their prayers and well wishes. Please keep her in your
     * Update on Chapter member Gwenn Krueger January 31,2018
Just a line to let you know that at Gwenn's last check up a small spot was found on her
    kidneys, She will be having surgery on Monday Feb 5th to remove it. The time of the surgery
    will be between 5 and 6 PM it will be done at Covenant Hospital in Saginaw,MI. So please keep
    her in your prayers and if she isn't on your prayer list please add her to it.  Thank you,
     We will have new updates here.
    * Update on Chapter member Gwenn Krueger January 5,2018
      Just a note to add here Gwenn is in remission and we hope she stays that way. She will
     continue to need your prayers.

      Gwenn Krueger                 Cliff Barnes                      Corinne Allen or  Bob Allen            
      9695 Schomaker Rd.      8385 Elevere  Rd               4157  Airport Rd.       
      Saginaw,MI 48609          Lachine,MI 49753             Waterford,MI 48329   
  If you have any one who you would like to be added to our prayer list please just email us     
  and we will gladly add them here.

  Our last chapter get together was held at  the Lake of Dreams Campground near Merrill,Michigan on the 14th of June. Those that were in attendance had a very nice time, and the food was very good.   We always have a good time getting up to date on news, looking at family photos and such. That is what this chapter is about, FRIENDS.
         And please take note of our prayer request below. If the person is in a hospital that has a email cards page, we will try to have the address listed with the information about them, please use the icon to send your email card of well wishes to them from the hospitals if listed too. Members remember to check out our calendar on the more news page, Thanks
      And please if you would take time out to sign in our quest book on the home page.
Thanks a lot for stopping by.   Chapter 91

**  We have some openings for new members in our chapter, so if any of you are interested you may contact our  President Duane Moore at email address  mooreduane12@yahoo.com or phone him at  989-865-6940 he will give you the information. We have members from all over Michigan,  from lake Michigan to Lake Huron, and from the Ohio border though out the UP of Michigan. We also have some members who have moved to other states. So we actually cover a real large area.

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